Thursday, December 29, 2011

Flex SDK Security Patch Now Available

A security patch for the Flex SDK is now available to address a vulnerability that will cause many Flex applications to be vulnerable to cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.  These applications must be patched in order to protect user data. Please review this bulletin to determine if your applications are at risk and to obtain instructions on how to patch your applications.

If you have any questions about the security bulletin, please email

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Flex 4.6 SDK and Flash Builder

The Flex and Flash Builder teams are excited to announce the availability of Flex 4.6 SDK and Flash Builder 4.6 updates. Flash Builder 4.6 is a free update to Flash Builder 4.5 and provides expanded support for mobile application development and all the tools you need to take advantage of the new features in Adobe AIR 3.0 and Flash Player 11.

A lot is included in this update, so much so that we couldn’t deliver it in the Adobe Application Manager.  This means Flash Builder 4.5 users won’t  automatically be notified about the update and will have to download the full Flash Builder 4.6 installer and enter their Flash Builder 4.5 serial number.

You can download the full installer  from Please note: you must uninstall your previous version of Flash Builder 4.5 or 4.5.1 before installing 4.6.   By default the Flash Builder uninstall program will preserve your preferences and workspace so you can easily reimport them into Flash Builder 4.6.  If you require the standalone Flex 4.6 SDK, you can download the build from the Adobe opensource site.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Last Steps to Joomla 2.5!

Version 11.3 of the Platform has just been merged into the CMS and we are down to the last few weeks before 2.5!

We plan to release Version 2.5 beta on or before December 20th.

To make this schedule, we have until December 12th to propose and test new features.

1. Please test the present state of the CMS with your favorite extensions and report any bug on the Tracker.
TEST: The CMS can be downloaded from (Not for production sites!)
REPORT ISSUES: Please post on the tracker

2. Please test the New Features (and propose some with code attached if you want):
Specially look at those with Status "Pending" when testing

One does not need to be a geek or PHP guru to test the proposed patches. And your efforts will really help in getting your favorite CMS in good shape for 2.5!

As many of you know, version 2.5 is the long-term-support release that ends the 1.6/1.7/2.5 series.
As such, the update to 2.5 will be seamless and will be handled exactly the same as the update from 1.6 to 1.7 or 1.7.2 to 1.7.3.

It is expected that all extensions should work without changes for version 2.5. However, extension developers should test their programs to make sure.

We hope to get some great new features into version 2.5, but we need the community to help with the process. Thanks!

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Specialized Flash Game Developers

Arcade Games: Asteroids, Breakout, Centipede
A game with fast action where hand-eye coordination is the primary skill needed to beat the game.

Games that combine education and entertainment - the fun way to learn! Game developers have created a large number of highly effective educational / edutainment games, from the simplest to the most sophisticated ones.

Gloop Me is an online game for three to eight year olds that helps grow confidence in reading and teaches reading basics such as phonics. The game is set on an island with a friendly character, Fuzzy, who directs and rewards the kids through the adventure. All progress is saved to a child's individual account, including lessons done, quests completed and items collected. No actual reading skills are required to play the game, and audio / visual prompts are used to help kids be able to play all on their own.

Are You Game?
Transform your idea into a fantasy game as you see how ActionScript can be used to create amazing sound effects that flow seamlessly into your game's script. Visually, ActionScript brings superior performance so that images smoother and faster. ActionScript is the object-oriented programming (OOP) language used in flash movies to add interactivity to applications, a simple animation or a complex enterprise-class rich internet application.

Game Programmer / Game Developer
Developing a game needs specialized programming. Building up the code that lies at the core of the game is programming. It is the math and the logic that makes the game happen. The task of game programmers includes graphics programming, sound and sound effects programming, user interface development, game scripting, story and narration, and many more departments.

Game programmer takes care of connecting the player's input to the action that is happening on the display. It also includes all the action or movement of non-player characters. For instance, when you see them wandering the terrain of a game, it's the programmers who gave the characters the artificial intelligence to roam about that way.

Game Development Skills:
* Flash and ActionScript
* ActionScript Game Programming
* Flash CS3
* ActionScript Game Elements
* Creating Visual Objects
* Accepting Player Input
* Creating Animations
* Interaction Programming
* Accessing External Data
* Custom Cursors
* Playing Sounds
* Loading Screens
* Handling System Data
* Game Security
* Programmatic Animation Techniques
* Developing the Game Framework
* Designing Visual Characters
* Game Publishing Techniques
* Building a complete Game Project

Games Thrill
Game developer combines the interactivity of traditional gaming with the visual impact and narrative power of movies! The game developers have strong skills in several technologies.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Joomla Programmer Expertise for Business on the Web

Fremont, CA Dec. 12, 2011 – Fremont based global technology services company DCKAP announced today a state-of-the-art and forward looking Joomla developer team incorporating the most recent developments and trends in technology.

Joomla is an award-winning open source content management system (CMS) to build powerful online applications. The Joomla content management system provides excellent navigation along with superior CMS features. Joomla is a powerful open-ended suite of management tools that provide control over the presentation of content, at the same time, maintaining its separation from presentation.

DCKAP Joomla developer team has successfully completed and delivered a diverse range of Joomla web applications for business for its various clients. DCKAP’s Joomla programmers now work from the new fully equipped development center and also on client site as required.

The projects include an interactive community training portal / social networking web application, where the organization’s employees in training or in call centers get used to it. Expert Joomla programmers used commercial extensions to build the games – online and offline – and to track the scoring according to the user groups. DCKAP’s Joomla developers used JUGA to control the user access to the game site and using JUGA, user groups like Public Access, Associate, Superman etc., can be created.

There are many reasons to have an e-commerce Web site. It allows visitors to browse products or merchandise and purchase immediately. For some retailers, online e-commerce has vastly augmented the traditional brick-and-mortar storefront, reducing business overheads, opened up sales to a worldwide market to supplement direct sales from the physical location.

Joomla is an excellent choice of a Content management system to use for any business site. A Joomla site built by an expert Joomla programmer can easily grow and expand to suit the needs of any business as the business expands. It gives the business owner complete control over content on the site.

Developing effective business applications requires specialized expertise in the technologies. For a business considering contracting a Joomla development company or a Joomla developer/ Joomla programmer, it would be of great significance to select the right Joomla developer resources and setting out the specifications with clarity and completeness.

DCKAP ( is a Fremont, CA based global technology services company delivering technology driven business solutions that meet the strategic objectives of the clients. Founded in 2005, with offices in California & Colorado (USA), the UK, Australia and two development centers in India, DCKAP has earned appreciation from well respected Fortune 100 companies for its competent services.

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Flex Developers, Customized Flex Applications Development

The Flex developer enhances the web application with audio and video features. Through audio / video clips, business managers can easily demonstrate online their product or service. The prospective buyer can access the audio or video clip and understand the finer points of the product or service offered. Time is the essence of business transactions and the web application, therefore, displays the products instantly explaining the salient features to the online viewers. Flex programmer integrates graphics, animation and multimedia into the web application, so that critical business information is displayed clearly, prominently and in the most impressive way. This draws a far better response from the prospective buyers, reflected by an upwards pointing sales graph.

Flex is a comparatively new platform used for developing Rich Internet Applications for custom development projects according to specific business needs. It is also possible to plan well ahead and integrate additional powerful components like CRM and ERP enabled web applications, ecommerce solutions, video and audio messaging solutions, which need additional specialized skills.

Adobe Flex has played a major and significant part in shaping online business today. The increasingly powerful and feature-packed Flex versions have empowered the Flex developer to create outstanding Rich Internet Applications.

Flash ActionScript & Flex Developer
Flex & Flash ActionScript Developer

Components of a Flex Application/ Flash ActionScript Application

* MXML: XML-based markup language used for building layout graphic user interfaces
* ActionScript: Core language of Flash Player used to control user interactivity with server-side scripts
* Class Libraries: Set of user interface components that help developers in using the predefined components like data grids, list boxes, buttons, and various layout containers
* Custom Components: A good Flex developers can also create custom components where required

Why Flex & Flash ActionScript

* Rich user experience through intuitive interaction with Flex applications
* Support for multifaceted business logic running in the browser providing rapid response without the painful need for repeatedly refreshing the page
* Action Script and MXML are the strong development models of Flex enabling the development of powerful business applications

Customized Flex Applications Development

* Rich user interface
* Flex integrated with PHP, MySQL, SQL, Oracle, Asp.Net, XML
* Flex and Adobe AIR programming
* Flex design and Flex web solutions
* MXML development
* Dynamic shopping cart and other eCommerce solutions
* ActionScript development
* Developing Flex based CMS and LMS

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

ActionScript Developer Uses Power of Flash AS3 for Business & Edutainment

Fremont, CA Dec. 06, 2011 – Fremont based global technology services company DCKAP announced today a proactive development initiative in Flash and ActionScript technologies for business, education, entertainment and multimedia, in keeping pace with surging market growth.

ActionScript® 3 is the programming language for the Adobe® Flash® Player and Adobe® AIR™ runtime environments. ActionScript 3 is used for a variety of applications from simple animations to complex data-rich interactive applications. ActionScript 3 is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language and provides incredible gains in runtime performance and developer productivity.

DCKAP has successfully completed and delivered a diverse range of Flash ActionScript applications for business, entertainment and education for its various clients.

Flash has all the required features to create and deliver compelling applications, content and video to a wide audience. It is an integrated, cost-effective solution, has multi-screen, multi-device capability and enhanced search engine indexing, along with an emphasis on data security.

Flash animations and Flash introductions are intuitive and enable the creation of applications that demand user attention and can be easily integrated into Web applications to make them highly interactive. With creativity and professionalism of the Flash developer, businesses will derive maximum return on investment. Flash designers, Flash developers and Flash Action Script programmers use Flash as a versatile tool to create highly interactive Web applications, Game Programming and presentations.

The true power of Flex lies in ActionScript, in-depth knowledge of which is an essential requirement for developers for adding interactivity to the applications. The developers also bring the knowhow to build component libraries in Adobe Flex, which is an important requirement for ecommerce solutions and multi-media web applications.

Flash ActionScript & Flex Business Web Applications

With the video, audio, streaming and messaging components of Flex and Flash Programmers can integrate efficient in-context interactivity into the web application. This enhances brand value of a business and increases revenue from online sale of products and services. Flex developers are skilled in several related tools and technologies available for RIA development. They can create elements such as photo galleries, transitions without page reload, reports and interactive graphs among others.


DCKAP is a Fremont, CA based global technology services company delivering technology driven business solutions that meet the strategic objectives of the clients. Founded in 2005, with offices in California & Colorado, USA, the UK, Australia and three development centers in India, DCKAP has earned appreciation from well respected Fortune 100 companies for its competent services.

2201 Walnut Ave, Suite 240
Fremont, CA 94538
Call US: 1 510.796.2525

Monday, December 5, 2011

Game Developer - Flash Action Script Games

Games are fun activities with pretended reality, the player trying to achieve a goal while following the rules of the game. The games rules, the target to be achieved, the skill needed to play and the make-believe that the game presents in an engrossing manner all this makes a fantasy experience for the player.

In game play, there is action, and there are challenges. There is winning and losing, competition, fair play and co-operation. Computers, hand-held devices like smartphones and tablets bring special features and elevate game playing to an altogether new level. It is the game programmer who builds fantastic and challenging games on all these platforms.

Artificial Life games are about individuals and relationships, or a simulation of an ecosystem. The game designer creates the simulation for the player interactions of the game. Puzzle games contain hours of strategy and problem solving challenges. The game developer combines high-quality presentation with well-thought out game mechanics and interaction.

There are mainly two genres: action games and games of strategy. Then there are role-playing games, sports, driving, racing and flight simulation, construction, management, simulation games, adventure games, artificial life games and puzzles. New generation software tools help the game programmer design and develop excellent gaming solutions.

Role-playing game Final Fantasy XIII-2 is coming. It is a sequel to the role playing game Final Fantasy XIII (2009). The protagonist Lightning has disappeared into an unknown world. Her younger sister Serah Farron, and a boy Noel Kreiss try to find Lightning. This is an example of highly rated achievements of game programmers in recent times.

A good game takes the player away to a magical place, and they want it to stay magical while theyre there.

It is the game developers magic.
Its suspension of disbelief as long as one is playing the game.

First person 3D shooting games: Doom, Quake
This is a type of game where the point of view is of the main character. It is a game with 3D artwork, especially a first-person scrolling action game. These games are written by expert game programmers.

Side Scrollers: SonicTheHedgehog, SuperMarioBrothers, CommanderKeen, JazzJackrabbit
These games use the technique of moving the screen smoothly in any direction.

Adventure Games: MonkeyIsland, Myst
Game developers create powerful and high speed adventure games.

Strategy Games
These games test the players determination, imagination, daring, lateral thinking, personal courage, analytic intelligence, leadership qualities and confidence.

Parlor Games
Card games, board games, word games, cribbage and Chinese checkers belong to this category.

These include Jigsaw puzzles, crossword and many other such games of skill and knowledge.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

What specifically is Adobe announcing in relation to Flex SDK?

As of November 2011, Adobe is in the process of preparing two proposals for incubating Flex SDK and BlazeDS at the Apache Software Foundation.

In addition to contributing the core Flex SDK (including automation and advanced data visualization components), Adobe also plans to donate the following:
  • Complete, but yet-to-be-released, Spark components, including ViewStack, Accordion, DateField, DateChooser and an enhanced DataGrid.
  • BlazeDS, the server-based Java remoting and web messaging technology that enables developers to easily connect to back-end distributed data and push data in real-time to Flex applications.
  • Falcon, the next-generation MXML and ActionScript compiler that is currently under development (this will be contributed when complete in 2012)
  • Falcon JS, an experimental cross-compiler from MXML and ActionScript to HTML and JavaScript.
  • Flex testing tools, as used previously by Adobe, so as to ensure successful continued development of Flex with high quality
Adobe will also have a team of Flex SDK engineers contributing to those new Apache projects as their full-time responsibility. Adobe has in-development work already started, including additional Spark-based components.
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