Friday, December 9, 2011

Flex Developers, Customized Flex Applications Development

The Flex developer enhances the web application with audio and video features. Through audio / video clips, business managers can easily demonstrate online their product or service. The prospective buyer can access the audio or video clip and understand the finer points of the product or service offered. Time is the essence of business transactions and the web application, therefore, displays the products instantly explaining the salient features to the online viewers. Flex programmer integrates graphics, animation and multimedia into the web application, so that critical business information is displayed clearly, prominently and in the most impressive way. This draws a far better response from the prospective buyers, reflected by an upwards pointing sales graph.

Flex is a comparatively new platform used for developing Rich Internet Applications for custom development projects according to specific business needs. It is also possible to plan well ahead and integrate additional powerful components like CRM and ERP enabled web applications, ecommerce solutions, video and audio messaging solutions, which need additional specialized skills.

Adobe Flex has played a major and significant part in shaping online business today. The increasingly powerful and feature-packed Flex versions have empowered the Flex developer to create outstanding Rich Internet Applications.

Flash ActionScript & Flex Developer
Flex & Flash ActionScript Developer

Components of a Flex Application/ Flash ActionScript Application

* MXML: XML-based markup language used for building layout graphic user interfaces
* ActionScript: Core language of Flash Player used to control user interactivity with server-side scripts
* Class Libraries: Set of user interface components that help developers in using the predefined components like data grids, list boxes, buttons, and various layout containers
* Custom Components: A good Flex developers can also create custom components where required

Why Flex & Flash ActionScript

* Rich user experience through intuitive interaction with Flex applications
* Support for multifaceted business logic running in the browser providing rapid response without the painful need for repeatedly refreshing the page
* Action Script and MXML are the strong development models of Flex enabling the development of powerful business applications

Customized Flex Applications Development

* Rich user interface
* Flex integrated with PHP, MySQL, SQL, Oracle, Asp.Net, XML
* Flex and Adobe AIR programming
* Flex design and Flex web solutions
* MXML development
* Dynamic shopping cart and other eCommerce solutions
* ActionScript development
* Developing Flex based CMS and LMS

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