Friday, October 28, 2011

Seven Steps to Successful Joomla!

I'm pretty darn excited about the Joomla! Platform. Actually, that is my biggest understatement of 2011.

I believe that the Joomla Platform has an opportunity to be one of the fastest growing development platforms of 2012, enabling the more than 200,000 Joomla developers around the world to break the bonds of CMS development and dive head-first into a world of ever-more global, mobile, and social applications.

Since Joomla!Day Chicago, I've been lucky enough to lead four Joomla Platform sessions at events around the world. Chicago, Cape Town, Florianópolis, and London have all been in the mix, each with their Joomla communities taking their own charge at the call to action.

After a few keynotes and sessions, I took a moment on a recent flight to reflect on our success. We’re doing great, but there’s so much more we can do together to help our community continue to elevate our skills beyond the CMS. To aid in the effort, and to help spread the word about the Joomla Platform even further and faster, I’d like to share the process I've found to be most successful in building example apps, helping developers network, and spreading the spirit of community around the world.

Step 1: Sell the vision, make the call to action
Step 2: Seek out the developers
Step 3: Find the action developers
Step 4: Show examples
Step 5: Have someone else explain the code
Step 6: Brainstorm
Step 7: Create and innovate!

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Friday, October 21, 2011 have posted Flex 4.6 specs

Flex 4.6 is the next major step in cross-platform mobile application development. With a scheduled release date later this year, the new version of Flex SDK will offer several new components and functionality specifically designed to help developers create applications for the latest mobile and tablet devices.
Flex SDK 4.6 was governed by three main goals:
  • New components
  • Better performance
  • Updated platform support
For more information, refer to the What’s new in Flex 4.6 SDK and Flash Builder 4.6 by Jacob Surber.
Though the Flex 4.6 SDK will be released only in the coming months, the team has posted the Specs for the new components out on You can access these specs at the Flex 4.6 SDK page.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

JoomlaDay Bangkok 2011

The Thai Joomla! Community is looking forward to their 5th Joomla! Day Bangkok in Thailand's beautiful and thriving capital city. The event will be held on Saturday, October 29th 2011, from 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM at Asia Hotel Bangkok.The place where the event has a conference room for 1,000+ people. and the OpenSource Education and Development Association (OSEDA) invite you to attend Joomla! Day Bangkok 2011 which promises to be an incredible day of learning, sharing, and networking with others.

This year, several key members of the Joomla! community are scheduled to speak:
  • Mr. Mark Dextor - Joomla! Production Leadership Team and Development Coordinator
  • Mr. Akarawuth Tamrareang - Joomla! Bug Squad, Board of Opensource Matters Inc., and
  • Mr. Peter Martin - Joomla! Community Leadership Team.
  • Mr. Mitch Pirtle - MongoDB developer , co-founder of Joomla!
  • Mr. Johan Janssens - CEO - Timble and co-founder of Joomla!
  • Mr. Emmanuel Danan - FLEXIContent Lead developer
  • Mr. Pisan Chueachatchai - Joomla! Translation WG, Product Manager at
  • Mr. Supachai Teasakul - Joomla! Translation WG, Project Manager at Marvelic Engine Co.,Ltd.
  • Mr. Kittiwat Manosutti - CEO -
  • Mr. Siwat Chawareewong - Managing Director - mInteraction
The agenda for Joomla! Day Bangkok 2011 includes a wide variety of interesting topics. Whether you are a professional Web site editor, publisher, developer, or administrator, or if you are simply interested in learning more about Joomla!, there will something for you. All over the world, local communities gather at Joomla! Day events. Joomla! Days are a great way for people who are interested in Joomla! to get together, learn from one another, find ways to contribute to the Joomla! community, and have fun. We wish for our community members in Thailand an enjoyable and successful Joomla! Day Bangkok 2011 again.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Joomla Day Italy 2011

The 4th Joomla!Day Italy will take place in Florence on Saturday 22 October 2011. Italian community will meet from 9 am to 7 pm in Firenze Fiera - Palazzo dei Congressi, Piazza Adua, 1 - 50123 Florence.

Firenze Fiera is an international congress center, a multifunctional facility equipped with advanced technology and functional, fully reliable services for events. JoomlaDay will be held in Auditorium, with 1000 seats. The entrance, as past editions, will be free. The theme of the conference will be the new Joomla 1.6 version. The complete program will be published in September, all are invited to participate to the call for papers to send proposals for talks.

Florence is situated in central Italy, in the heart of Tuscany, and the most developed area of tourism in the city is undoubtedly artistic-religious, thanks to the presence of innumerable works of art and churches. The historical centre of Florence is quite small, so it is easy to visit on foot. The organizers are AlexRed and Ste, from team.

Thanks to sponsors Joomlahost and Prismanet

Visit for more information.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

FLEX Applications: New Projects Get Straight 10% off Regular Price

Fremont, CA Oct. 12, 2011 - Fremont based global technology services company DCKAP announced today an attractive limited period special promo which brings a never before straight Ten per cent off regular price on all new Flex Application Development Projects.

Adobe® Flex is a highly productive, open source framework for building and maintaining expressive web applications that deploy consistently on all major browsers, desktops and operating systems. Web applications built on the Flex platform enliven user experience, facilitate interaction and streamline business processes.

DCKAP delivers Rich Internet Applications (RIA) solutions using Flex, Flash and Adobe-Flash Media Server technologies. DCKAP’s Flex experts and Flex developers have created applications for major businesses in diverse verticals, especially small and medium enterprises.

As part of its enhanced customer delight initiative, the company is now offering a special promotional offer of 10 per cent discount on all major Flex Application development projects for a limited period with immediate effect. Customers get all the standard services of the project, along with excellent support, which is a distinctive USP of the company. All one needs to do is call (US: 1-510-796-2525 UK: 01442 506 383) – just making sure to keep all the details ready at hand when calling.

DCKAP believes in designing an application from idea to market, and strives at implementing the best practices to ensure user experience meets ever-increasing expectations, through customer insight, design and development expertise in creating custom applications that improve digital interactions and enhance the customer’s emotional engagement with a company and its brand.

The Flex Developer Group from DCKAP has successfully delivered some of the most demanding enterprise application needs and expectations. Using the Flex platform, DCKAP has created a Social Media Dashboard for CBS to graphically display the shows and daily top level activities. The Dashboard also provides data comparisons for the shows selected.

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2201 Walnut Ave, Suite 240
Fremont, CA 94538
Call US: 1 510.796.2525

Monday, October 10, 2011

Flex SDK 4.5.2 in Flash Builder 4.6 Pre-Release with ICU

For Globalization of Flex Applications!

The pre-release version of Adobe Flash Builder4.6 has a new Flex SDK version 4.5.2 with integrated AIR3 and enables invoking important globalization features.

Flex is a highly productive, open source framework for building and maintaining expressive web applications that deploy consistently on all major browsers, desktops and operating systems. Adobe Flash and AIR are platforms to develop rich internet applications. Flash is used for browser based applications, AIR for native platform applications. Both have support for globalization features like locale aware formatting/parsing, collation, case transforms, localization and multi-lingual text rendering. However, text normalization, transliteration, Unicode character properties, encoding conversions, charset detections, Unicode string utilities etc., are not included.

Why We Need Globalization
Applications are accessed by users from different geographical areas. Globalization lets you create applications for all your customers in all the languages that you support. Your application can process data containing numeric values, dates, currencies, and times. You can format each of these types of data differently for different countries and regions. You can also develop applications in languages other than English.

Globalization is composed of Internationalization, or developing language-neutral application functionality that can recognize, process, and respond to data regardless of its representation. That is, whatever the application can do in one language, it can also do in another; and Localization, or taking shared, language-neutral functionality and applying to it a locale-specific interface.

Globalizing Flex Applications
Globalized Flex Applications avoid errors and confusion for your customers. This is evident in date formats. For example, a date in the form 1/2/2004 is interpreted as January 2, 2003 in the United States, but as February 1, 2004 in European countries. Currency formats are also important. Think of how your customers would feel if they found out the correct price for an item is 15,000 American dollars, not 15,000 Mexican pesos, which is equivalent to about 1600 American dollars.

Your website can also accept some form of text input such as customer feedback. You might want to support that feedback in multiple languages using a variety of character sets.

Using Flex SDK for Globalization
AIR and Flash can invoke, through ActionScript, the services of external dynamic libraries providing rich globalization support.

AIR applications can use globalization services provided by ICU. The AIR ICU extension is easy to build using the publicly available Adobe Flex SDK or using Flash Builder 4.6.

Open source ICU (International Components for Unicode) is a set of C/C++ and Java libraries providing Unicode and Globalization support for software applications. ICU is widely portable and gives applications the same results on all platforms and between C/C++ and Java software.

Here are a few highlights of the services provided by ICU

  • Code Page Conversion: Convert text data to or from Unicode and nearly any other character set or encoding. ICU's conversion tables are based on charset data collected by IBM over the course of many decades, and is the most complete available anywhere.
  • Collation: Compare strings according to the conventions and standards of a particular language, region or country. ICU's collation is based on the Unicode Collation Algorithm plus locale-specific comparison rules from the Common Locale Data Repository, a comprehensive source for this type of data.
  • Formatting: Format numbers, dates, times and currency amounts according the conventions of a chosen locale. This includes translating month and day names into the selected language, choosing appropriate abbreviations, ordering fields correctly, etc. This data also comes from the Common Locale Data Repository.
  • Time Calculations: Multiple types of calendars are provided beyond the traditional Gregorian calendar. A thorough set of time zone calculation APIs are provided.
  • Unicode Support: ICU closely tracks the Unicode standard, providing easy access to all of the many Unicode character properties, Unicode Normalization, Case Folding and other fundamental operations as specified by the Unicode Standard.
  • Regular Expression: ICU's regular expressions fully support Unicode while providing very competitive performance.
  • Bidi: support for handling text containing a mixture of left to right (English) and right to left (Arabic or Hebrew) data.
  • Text Boundaries: Locate the positions of words, sentences, paragraphs within a range of text, or identify locations that would be suitable for line wrapping when displaying the text.
As discussed early on in this article, the above features of ICU are in addition to the features provided by Flex / Flash Builder, such as locale aware formatting/ parsing, collation, case-transforms, localization and multi-lingual text rendering.

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Adobe MAX 2011 -- Hot Update

Here is the first off the venue hot update on Adobe MAX 2011

Rebecca Staley reports on Adobe's blog:
Well, day one of Adobe MAX 2011 has come; I write this from the break area of the show floor, where I’m sharing a table with several people whom I have never met. This, I think, is one of many things that makes MAX such an amazing experience: everyone comes to this massive convention center in downtown LA, knowing perhaps no one and perhaps a few others from his or her own company. 

Now, only halfway through the first of three long days, people are mingling. They share tech-y jokes and participate in the same “bring your own device” labs, they sit with other strangers at lunch and wander in tandem across the massive showroom floor.

Game Programming . Mobile applications development . Flex Consulting . Adobe AIR & Flex programming 
Server-side programming: PHP, Java  .NET . Client-side programming . Remote Data Interchange, AMF . Flash Design
Development of standard Web 2.0 modules, video & audio streaming, messaging components, photo galleries, co-browsing, chat, in-context interactivity . Integration of Flex with third party components . Flex support

Developers and designers rub elbows while attending demos or watching this morning’s keynote speech – and the energy has been palpable.

We’re all here to learn from each other and be inspired, and the first few hours have been no disappointment.

source: Greetings from Adobe MAX 2011

Stay tuned, for more, folks!

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