Monday, October 3, 2011

Adobe MAX 2011 -- Hot Update

Here is the first off the venue hot update on Adobe MAX 2011

Rebecca Staley reports on Adobe's blog:
Well, day one of Adobe MAX 2011 has come; I write this from the break area of the show floor, where I’m sharing a table with several people whom I have never met. This, I think, is one of many things that makes MAX such an amazing experience: everyone comes to this massive convention center in downtown LA, knowing perhaps no one and perhaps a few others from his or her own company. 

Now, only halfway through the first of three long days, people are mingling. They share tech-y jokes and participate in the same “bring your own device” labs, they sit with other strangers at lunch and wander in tandem across the massive showroom floor.

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Server-side programming: PHP, Java  .NET . Client-side programming . Remote Data Interchange, AMF . Flash Design
Development of standard Web 2.0 modules, video & audio streaming, messaging components, photo galleries, co-browsing, chat, in-context interactivity . Integration of Flex with third party components . Flex support

Developers and designers rub elbows while attending demos or watching this morning’s keynote speech – and the energy has been palpable.

We’re all here to learn from each other and be inspired, and the first few hours have been no disappointment.

source: Greetings from Adobe MAX 2011

Stay tuned, for more, folks!

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