Friday, April 27, 2012

JomSocial: Open Source Social Networking Software

JomSocial is the top open source social networking software for online business collaboration. Jomsocial experts can now elevate your site to a new level of creativity and functionality, with flexible templates from JomSocial social networking software. Today, expert jomsocial developers are good in what they do, so you can expect the best quality from them.

JomSocial networking sites are a fun way of online relationships and networking within the community.

JomSocial developer makes it easier for you to install joomla social networking on your site. JomSocial developers design your web application on the joomla social engine that is built from ground up and comes with many features out of the box. JomSocial programmers can easily enable social networking to collaborate with your community with features such as activity streams, flexible templates and designs, photo gallery, video support, organic groups, event management, social graph management, customized profiles, private messaging, integration with external social networks and many more. JomSocial is the top open source social networking software for online business collaboration.

JomSocial applications are More fun than Facebook

Creating a fan page on Facebook alone is not enough for your business community, with the same color set, design and functions always. Jomsocial experts can now elevate your site to a new level of creativity and functionality, with flexible templates from JomSocial social networking software.

JomSocial is supported by a huge community of expert jomsocial developers, jomsocial programmers and jomsocial experts. They are good in what they do so you can expect top quality templates from them.

Any Joomla template can work with JomSocial. Moreover, JomSocial Professional comes with 4 professionally designed templates that will suit most of available Joomla templates.
The jomsocial template system is highly configurable: changing the JomSocial look to your own liking can be done easily by expert joomla developers and joomla programmer.

Experienced jomsocial developers with PHP knowledge easily work with JomSocial templates to customize them for any business.

We all love Facebook and Twitter 

Jomsocial online business collaboration is the surefire way to grow your business. 

Skilled jomsocial developers can easily leverage user bases and experiences from external social networking sites and tools for your community. Third party social networks like Facebook have exposed their APIs, so that a jomsocial developer can integrate them into your community site.

To make the registration process hassle-free, the developers of jomsocial included new Facebook-Connect login-module in the open source social networking software, so your members can log-in to your JomSocial-powered community using their Facebook account credentials. Adding this to your community site can improve signup rates immediately.

Profile pictures, status updates and more are pulled in safely and securely from Facebook, making it easy for new and existing users to sign up and stay logged into your community.

Blogs are a good way to keep new visitors coming back to your site for more. Your members in JomSocial can have their own blogs, post entries directly from their profile pages and share them with friends via JomSocial integration.

Blog posts by members will show up in the Activity Stream of your community. There is support included for JomSocial Avatar and members can accumulate user points every time they post a blog.

Members can also take Twitter inside JomSocial. They can post status updates in JomSocial to Twitter with the Twitter App for JomSocial. They can also retrieve Twitter timeline on their profile page and show how many followers they have.

Jomsocial experts are working for you: To make your site fast, safe and secure

JomSocial, the Joomla Social Engine, is built on top of the powerful open source platform Joomla that is extremely scalable for small communities such as a startup company, hobby sites and church sites to enterprise-class websites that need a power-packed social engine to drive sales and conversions. Yet, JomSocial is extremely safe and secure because of its strong Joomla open source platform.

It does not matter how big or small your server is – JomSocial is designed to extract the best performance from it and put it to good use. If your community relies heavily on videos and photos, the Amazon S3 integration will provide the needed extra muscle. Amazon S3 will keep your site performing at its best, at a lower price with reliable service.

Having your site on Joomla is as good as having hundreds of experts constantly watching over the security of your site. Even the most obscure vulnerability will get noticed and covered. JomSocial is developed under the same environment, so it is constantly kept up to date on the best practices in secure web applications development.

Monday, April 23, 2012

An Overview On Joomla CMS

In today’s world, online has become one of the predominant places for businesses to be carried on.  A professional and user-friendly website is the key tool for the development of any online business.

For creating an inimitable and comprehensible website, one can utilize Joomla, a tool for content management. Structuring a website or blog with Joomla is an uncomplicated process. Installation and setting up of Joomla is as simple as that. It is created in such a way that people with any skill level can comprehend Joomla programmers and start working on it. 

Joomla application is found to be beneficial for both large scale and small scale businesses.  Managing the website contents is the chief function of Joomla tool. It is identified to be the best open source initiator for content management. With PHP and MySQL as its pedestal, Joomla is able to provide excellent and innovative solutions to business needs. With the aid of Joomla, it is possible to create web directories, corporate websites, community portals, picture galleries, intranets and a lot more.

Based upon the abilities and functionalities, some Joomla extensions attain popularity. JoomSEF, Xmap, community builder, JCE Editor, JomSocial, Virtuemart, and Slide show Pro module are some of the popular Joomla extensions. Those who are looking for advanced editing features can go for JCE editor. This extension will help you to manage fonts, smilies, conveniently load images and a lot more. Those who are looking for the features of Ajax email, additional profile fields and workflow management can choose community builder. Some websites will have the need of slideshows. By installing Slide show Pro module, it is possible to create any type of slide shows on a website. Likewise, Virtuemart extension will be suitable for Ecommerce websites. Therefore, Joomla extension has to be chosen according to the business type and requirement.

Securing your Joomla portal from hackers is imperative.  Apposite hosting environment, strong password, appropriate files permission, administrator username change after installation, backup set up and default database prefix change are some of the ways to protect your Joomla site. Joomla has numerous extensions. But it is not so that one has to install and explore all the available extensions of Joomla. Doing so may make you a victim of cyber hackers. So, ensure that the Joomla extension you choose is reliable, popular and also it has to be from a trustworthy source.

The way a website is designed helps in increasing traffic rate. The look and feel of a website has to be very impressive. The template of a website can make the magic of grabbing the attention of people. It is also possible to create customized Joomla templates for a website with the backing of Joomla developers.  With an efficient and expertise Joomla programmers it is possible to come out with a website that provides best experience for the users which in turn will make them recurring visitors. Only a skilled Joomla designer will be able to install a best application that suits your business. Hence, a website installed with appropriate Joomla application will function efficiently resulting with increased revenue in business.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Joomla Developer Can Create Custom Templates for Your Business Site

Template is a framework that sets the site’s overall layout. It is used to design the visual appeal and the way content is delivered, including all the features such as the web page layout, color-scheme, effects, images and fonts.

The prime purpose of templates in a content management system is to create the aesthetics, that is, the look and feel and layout of the site, including the deciding on the usage of appropriate elements in the pages. However, this process requires expert planning and experience in joomla development.

For website development, Joomla team is staffed with expert Joomla programmers, Joomla developers and Joomla designers. Expert Joomla programmer and expert Joomla developer are your assurance of timely delivery of quality Joomla applications for business. Consult expert Joomla designers for the most impressive user experience on your website.

Joomla templates bring exclusive and attractive features to a web page, including flexibility, ease of navigation and site impression, with and a wide range of design options. Joomla templates are user-friendly and time-saving. Where it takes months to develop and bring a website online, you can get started within hours with custom Joomla template. With Joomla template customization, an experienced Joomla programmer can create the most attractive and unique websites. Impressive and exclusive customized Joomla templates are designed by highly skilled professional joomla developers. Joomla custom templates are the ideal choice for the most impressive and effective web pages with flexibility and ease-of-use.

Joomla Development Services

Expert joomla programmers and joomla developers can build robust and reliable applications on the Joomla framework with powerful features, including Inventory control systems; Data reporting tools; Application bridges; Custom product catalogues; Integrated eCommerce systems; Complex business directories; Reservation systems; Communication tools.

Custom Joomla Template Development

Joomla brings attractive features. Joomla is considered one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS). With the help of a template, joomla developers can create extremely simple as well as complex websites with a highly sophisticated look. Joomla offers the best platform to generate web portals and corporate applications for business owners and professionals.

Outsource Joomla Developer Services for competent and reliable Joomla solutions, Outsource Joomla Developers and reduce time-to-market, Outsource Joomla Programmer services for Joomla Web Programming and save on overheads, Outsource Joomla Programmers Joomla projects of any scale, Outsource Joomla Developer from expert pool available ready for deployment.

Joomla is Easy to Use

Anyone can use it without having previous training or experience. The new pages can be modified or added easily by any user. They can easily add text, images and content using the editor support tool.

Joomla Supports Multiple Languages

One thing that most developers like is that Joomla supports multiple languages. There are no complicated issues in designing a website in any language because Joomla supports multiple languages. Starting from any language, the visitor can switch to a language they feel more comfortable with. This feature of Joomla template development brings a site to a new level of user friendliness. Change content easily to a language of your choice.

Joomla Brings Professional Style & Presentation

Presentation is the key to achieving business objectives. Joomla development can boost the effectiveness of the style and presentation of the web site. Images provided in Joomla CMS are of the highest quality. They enhance a web site’s visual appeal leading to increased revenues for the company.

Joomla Development is well suited for applications such as Corporate Web applications, portals Corporate intranets, extranets; Online magazines, newspapers, publications; eCommerce, online stores; Online reservations; Government applications; Small business applications; Community portals; Non-profit organizations; Educational, religious institutions; Personal profiles, music bands, professional groups.

Hire Dedicated Joomla Developers and Joomla Web Developers, Hire Dedicated Joomla Programmers and Joomla web programmers, Hire Dedicated Joomla Designers and Joomla Web Designers, Hire Joomla Experts, Hire Joomla professionals, Outsource Joomla Programming Services.

Impressive Graphics

Graphics features provided by Joomla templates make the presentation stand out from the rest. Its' unique colors and styles will amaze the site’s visitors and help you achieve the business objectives. They enhance the presentation of the website and help capture and sustain your customer’s interest on your web site.

Joomla template development always stays clear of clutter on the website. This is one of the greatest features of Joomla templates helping in organizing data on the website. This is very important for the business owner to utilize joomla programmer and joomla developers properly. It also provides quick access to the data and thus provides the best access to draw and retain the customer's attention.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Joomla! presente en la FLISOL 2012

This festival is an opportunity for all those people interested on knowing more about Software Libre. Getting involved makes it possible to get in touch with the world of Software Libre, meet other users, resolve doubts and questions, exchange opinions and experiences, attend to informative talks and others activities.

This year will not be different and once again there will be a FLISoL 2012. Joomla! will be there in several countries through different papers, from Joomla! CMS for newbies to advanced workshops like app creation through the Joomla Platform.
So far, we have confirmed several papers in the following countries and cities:
  • Guatemala: Guatemala City
  • Argentina: Capital Federal and Bahía Blanca
  • Chile: Iquique and Los Angeles
In all these places our speakers will be present with all their positive energy to spread the Joomla! Love in the free software communities.
Below are papers and speakers:
Country: Guatemala
City: Guatemala City
  • Introduction to Joomla! 2.5 - Pablo Fernández (@pblfer)
  • Installing and configurating templates - Leonel Cantón (@leonelcanton) y Tito Alvarez (jaTITOam)
  • JPlatform - Marianela Quemé (@mqueme)
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Monday, April 9, 2012

Free Joomla! 2.5 Multilingual Training Webinar

Joomla! 2.5 was released in January of this year and the stable version is now available to download at New features including automatic notifications of core Joomla! and extension updates and a powerful internal indexer and search function have brought a new realm of usability and functionality for both site administrators and users.

What you may not know is that there is a free training webinar outlining the 24 new features, and, more specifically, the core Joomla! multilingual functions available in Joomla! 2.5. One of the things that Joomla! focused on with this release is the internationalization of websites and encouraging users and website owners to create sites that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. One of the biggest barriers to that is language accessibility. The Joomla! Community has tackled that head on with the new and refined Language Manager and other multilingual capabilities now available in Joomla! 2.5.

Now, webmasters and content creators can create websites to be presented in multiple languages, without ever needing to step outside of the options available in the Joomla! core software. This is a big step forward and represents a set of capabilities that can make websites much more accessible, reaching out to a much larger audience.

The Joomla! Project is hosting a webinar to showcase these features. Jon Neubauer, a Joomla! Developer and active community member will be discussing and modeling these features at 2:30 EST (6:30 PM GMT) on Thursday, March 29th. He will be walking through the process of how to turn your site into a multi-lingual website, and he will be taking any questions from the audience in this hour-long webinar. This intermediate webinar is intended for users who possess a good understanding of core Joomla! functions. Register Now!

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

JoomlaDay Brasil

Come join us at the first edition Joomla!Day Brazil Edition Ribeirão Preto, to be held on 11th and 12th May 2012 at the University of Ribeirão Preto - UNAERP.

There will be several topics addressed in this first edition in the presence of recognized people between the Brazilian and international Joomla community. We will have talks focused on security, site optimization for search engines, templates and development. Presentation of success cases using the Joomla! CMS, and two "hands on" workshops were we will offer a greater interaction between the participants and the workshop instructors.

And, if you are a basic user of Joomla!, do not worry, the opening lecture will discuss the main new features of version 2.5, helping you to install and properly configure the CMS and teaching you how to create your own website in less than one hour. We are sure that after the event, after all the knowledge gained, and after watching all the programming we're building for you, you will not be considered a basic user of Joomla!.

Ensure your space with the early registration discount, and come to the Brazilian California.
We "Joomleiros" throughout Brazil and the Organizing Committee, are waiting for you. More information about the event on

Our hashtag on Twitter: #jdrp

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Joomladay Iran 2012

The Persian Joomla Community is proud to announce Joomla Day Iran.

Joomla Day Iran will be held on April 12, 2012 in Mashhad. This is a ideal opportunity for the Persian Joomla community to come together & meet some of the Joomla experts and Joomla Farsi moderators.
This event will include speakings, presentations and workshops, with a wide variety of topics. And the most knowledgeable speakers. We have a special speaker through Skype- conference from the Joomla team, and Mohsen Firoozmandan (member of Joomla translation team and leader of JoomlaFarsi team). For further details about the speakers & the schedule, please visit our website.

We welcome both new users and more experienced users. The talks schedule will be designed to be a mix of both advanced & beginner tracks to cater to both kind of Audiences. After the event some gifts will be given to attendees.

Registration is limited, so make sure that you get your tickets soon!
for more information, visit

Organizer: JoomlaFarsi Team
Venue : Mashahd, Iran.
Date : 12 April 2012 - 24 Farvardin 1391
follow @JoomlaDayIR on twitter. Send us your thoughts and comments using hashtag #JD91IR

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