Monday, February 27, 2012

Page Visibility in JavaScript

The other day I was reading a post discussing the Page Visibility API and thought this could be a really useful tool for developers. Currently it is still being “standardized” by the W3C but it is available to use in many current browsers using engine specific-prefixes (I will stay out of the red hot prefix debate for the moment). Suffice it to say, you can get it to work on most modern browsers using a combination of prefixes.

The Page Visibility API allows you to determine when your page has moved to the background or the browser has been minimized. Some uses I could think of are things like setting your status as away in browser-based chat clients, pausing a game or video, stopping or starting background processes or even persisting data and settings.
In this simple example I decided to look at a problem I have encountered myself that the Page Visbility API might be able to solve in conjunction with the Local Storage API. The problem is that sometimes when filling out a complex form I get pulled away and forget to finish. In some cases, my session may time out and I could end up losing all the form data I already started. So, my thought was, what if I detect when you’ve left the form and persist your form entries to local storage. This way, when you return to the form, even if the page has been closed or you’re forced to re-login, your form entries won’t be lost.

It turns out this is really easy to do. Let’s look at the code from my example page (view source for the full code). Please note, that for simplicity’s sake, I made this to run specifically in Chrome, but if you borrow this script from Sam Dutton’s example, you could easily modify this to run across browsers. The other thing is, I am also not using jQuery here. I know the tendency is to do so even for simple examples like this but (sorry to rant for a sec) I feel a lot of developers include it unnecessarily. As you’ll see, simple DOM manipulation can be done without it.
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Monday, February 20, 2012

Joomla 2.5 Includes New Version of Joomla PHP Framework

The Joomla Project’s latest CMS release includes a release of the project’s PHP Framework: Joomla Platform. In 2010 the project made plans to officially decouple the core of Joomla (now the Platform) from the CMS. This allows site implementers to utilize both the full featured CMS, and as well as allow developers to use the light but powerful Joomla Platform core to power web applications.

The Joomla 2.5 CMS release includes notable features that until now have been available only to those developers who have been using the Joomla Platform as a stand alone application. Among others, some of my favorites are:
  • JWeb
  • JImage
  • JWebClient
  • JGrid
Here's a brief explanation of each:
JWeb is a new base for both the platform and the CMS. This feature includes all the important parts of a web application that make it extensible and customizable. This keeps the platform in a position to be a lean, mean, web-application-powering machine.

JImage is a new special feature that Platform developers have included to really help developers with image handling. Many website implementers and third party extension site builders have been including their own interpretations of image management, which has lead to a lot of duplicated and repeated efforts. Since the main purpose of having a framework is to reduce duplication and repeated code, it made perfect sense to create a feature to help developers out in this regard.

JWebClient is the Joomla Project’s accolade to adopting mobile technology as trend that is here to stay. The project understands that with iPhones, iPads, Androids, and other tablets and cellphones, building a responsive website or web application is important, and something that users expect. JWebClient allows extension developers to detect important user viewing data such as their device, browser, and language, and make a decision based on that information. Mobile is here to stay, and the Joomla project welcomes it with open arms.

JGrid is an HTML generator that will save developers from repeatedly having to create their own methods of generating table layouts. Tables are used extensively in web applications for list layouts, and until now developers working in Joomla have had to create their own code to do this from scratch. Now with a class in the core, developers can minimize the amount of code they have to write themselves, saving time for them and letting them focus on innovation and creativity for their Joomla extensions and applications.


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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Joomla Developer Can Create Custom Templates for Your Business Site

Template is a framework that sets the site’s overall layout. It is used to design the visual appeal and the way content is delivered, including all the features such as the web page layout, color-scheme, effects, images and fonts.

The prime purpose of templates in a content management system is to create the aesthetics, that is, the look and feel and layout of the site, including the deciding on the usage of appropriate elements in the pages. However, this process requires expert planning and experience in joomla development.

For website development, Joomla team is staffed with expert Joomla programmers, Joomla developers and Joomla designers. Expert Joomla programmer and expert Joomla developer are your assurance of timely delivery of quality Joomla applications for business. Consult expert Joomla designers for the most impressive user experience on your website.

Joomla templates bring exclusive and attractive features to a web page, including flexibility, ease of navigation and site impression, with and a wide range of design options. Joomla templates are user-friendly and time-saving. Where it takes months to develop and bring a website online, you can get started within hours with custom Joomla template. With Joomla template customization, an experienced Joomla programmer can create the most attractive and unique websites. Impressive and exclusive customized Joomla templates are designed by highly skilled professional joomla developers. Joomla custom templates are the ideal choice for the most impressive and effective web pages with flexibility and ease-of-use.

Joomla Development Services

Expert joomla programmers and joomla developers can build robust and reliable applications on the Joomla framework with powerful features, including Inventory control systems; Data reporting tools; Application bridges; Custom product catalogues; Integrated eCommerce systems; Complex business directories; Reservation systems; Communication tools.

Custom Joomla Template Development

Joomla brings attractive features. Joomla is considered one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS). With the help of a template, joomla developers can create extremely simple as well as complex websites with a highly sophisticated look. Joomla offers the best platform to generate web portals and corporate applications for business owners and professionals.

Outsource Joomla Developer Services for competent and reliable Joomla solutions, Outsource Joomla Developers and reduce time-to-market, Outsource Joomla Programmer services for Joomla Web Programming and save on overheads, Outsource Joomla Programmers Joomla projects of any scale, Outsource Joomla Developer from expert pool available ready for deployment.

Joomla is Easy to Use

Anyone can use it without having previous training or experience. The new pages can be modified or added easily by any user. They can easily add text, images and content using the editor support tool.

Joomla Supports Multiple Languages

One thing that most developers like is that Joomla supports multiple languages. There are no complicated issues in designing a website in any language because Joomla supports multiple languages. Starting from any language, the visitor can switch to a language they feel more comfortable with. This feature of Joomla template development brings a site to a new level of user friendliness. Change content easily to a language of your choice.

Joomla Brings Professional Style & Presentation

Presentation is the key to achieving business objectives. Joomla development can boost the effectiveness of the style and presentation of the web site. Images provided in Joomla CMS are of the highest quality. They enhance a web site’s visual appeal leading to increased revenues for the company.

Joomla Development is well suited for applications such as Corporate Web applications, portals Corporate intranets, extranets; Online magazines, newspapers, publications; eCommerce, online stores; Online reservations; Government applications; Small business applications; Community portals; Non-profit organizations; Educational, religious institutions; Personal profiles, music bands, professional groups.

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Impressive Graphics

Graphics features provided by Joomla templates make the presentation stand out from the rest. Its' unique colors and styles will amaze the site’s visitors and help you achieve the business objectives. They enhance the presentation of the website and help capture and sustain your customer’s interest on your web site.

Joomla template development always stays clear of clutter on the website. This is one of the greatest features of Joomla templates helping in organizing data on the website. This is very important for the business owner to utilize joomla programmer and joomla developers properly. It also provides quick access to the data and thus provides the best access to draw and retain the customer's attention.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Flex Developers Create Intelligent Business Applications

Large organizations are migrating from legacy application to web based Flex applications.

A Rich Internet Application (RIA) is a web based application with all the typical characteristics of the familiar desktop applications greatly enhanced for impressive visual appeal. Flex applications introduced the "no-refresh" concept and elevated user experience along with graphical representation of data. A Flex application brings with it remarkable growth in online business with the help of RIA technology. It has a rich set of the standard controls which helps a Flex programmer to rapidly create Flex applications to suit any business requirement.

Flex developers create applications that organize historical business data in various formats and offer graphical view to help take crucial business decisions in a competitive market.

A Flex application runs a lightweight plug-in on the client browser, providing cross-browser functionality. In other words, once a Flex developer builds a business application, it can run on any browser and always provide the same/similar interface and behavior. A majority of browsers either have a Flash player or installed a plug-in, so that Rich Internet Applications built on the Flex platform run readily on them and across devices.
Flex applications can be web based or desktop applications. They improve both user experience and business productivity.

Flex developers create applications that organize historical business data in various formats and offer graphical view to help take crucial business decisions in a competitive market. Flex developers can present information as an elegant set of text and graphics with an attractive user interface using powerful data and multimedia controls. A flex developer creates a highly customized design based on CSS using Adobe FlexBuilder. The Flex application is a client-server application -- the RIA runs on the client browser and interacts dynamically with the database on the server.

Flex is a powerful open source application development framework. Flex developers build mobile applications for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Tablet OS devices, as well as Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) for browser and desktop, using the same programming model, tools and codebase.

Expert Flex Programmer/ Flex Developer Services

* Game Programming
* Mobile applications development
* Flex Consulting, business analysis and specification development
* Adobe AIR and Flex programming outsourcing
* Server-side programming with the usage of PHP, Java or .NET technologies
* Client-side programming
* Remote Data Interchange using AMF
* Flash design
* Development of standard Web 2.0 modules like video and audio streaming, messaging components, photo galleries, co-browsing, chat and other modules to allow for in-context interactivity.
* Integration of Flex with third party components
* Flex support

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cool ActionScript/Flash Stuff

Adobe's Thibault Imbert introduces the Flash Player 11.2 and AIR 3.2 beta4 and the advances the runtimes are making related to Stage3D and how this affects Flash game developers.

Andre Vanhulzen shows how to quickly search for specific text in a ByteArray using ActionScript 3.

Simon Bailey shows how to manage message exchanging using AS3-Signals in an MVC application using a framework like Robotlegs.

Hemanth Sharma posts the first in a series of video tutorials showing how to create a balloon shooter game using FlashPunk.

Emanuele Feronato shows the concept behind Stringy Flash game and his solution for determining if the sprite you need to catch is within the lasso. Emanuele also continues his series on building Flash games using Stencylworks with a post showing how to make the player die after a long fall.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Marketing Material for Joomla 2.5

Joomla 2.5 is right around the corner. For those of you who want to blog about the launch, talk with your customers or update your extension / template information, here are some resources you can use:

Information About New Features in Joomla 2.5

Andrea Tarr published this great blog post outlining all the new features in 2.5. The three new features that will be promoted heavily in Joomla 2.5's marketing are multi-database support, the new search engine and even easier updates.

Joomla 2.5 Banners

You can download a wide selection of Joomla 2.5 banners by clicking here.


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