Friday, October 28, 2011

Seven Steps to Successful Joomla!

I'm pretty darn excited about the Joomla! Platform. Actually, that is my biggest understatement of 2011.

I believe that the Joomla Platform has an opportunity to be one of the fastest growing development platforms of 2012, enabling the more than 200,000 Joomla developers around the world to break the bonds of CMS development and dive head-first into a world of ever-more global, mobile, and social applications.

Since Joomla!Day Chicago, I've been lucky enough to lead four Joomla Platform sessions at events around the world. Chicago, Cape Town, Florianópolis, and London have all been in the mix, each with their Joomla communities taking their own charge at the call to action.

After a few keynotes and sessions, I took a moment on a recent flight to reflect on our success. We’re doing great, but there’s so much more we can do together to help our community continue to elevate our skills beyond the CMS. To aid in the effort, and to help spread the word about the Joomla Platform even further and faster, I’d like to share the process I've found to be most successful in building example apps, helping developers network, and spreading the spirit of community around the world.

Step 1: Sell the vision, make the call to action
Step 2: Seek out the developers
Step 3: Find the action developers
Step 4: Show examples
Step 5: Have someone else explain the code
Step 6: Brainstorm
Step 7: Create and innovate!

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