Monday, December 5, 2011

Game Developer - Flash Action Script Games

Games are fun activities with pretended reality, the player trying to achieve a goal while following the rules of the game. The games rules, the target to be achieved, the skill needed to play and the make-believe that the game presents in an engrossing manner all this makes a fantasy experience for the player.

In game play, there is action, and there are challenges. There is winning and losing, competition, fair play and co-operation. Computers, hand-held devices like smartphones and tablets bring special features and elevate game playing to an altogether new level. It is the game programmer who builds fantastic and challenging games on all these platforms.

Artificial Life games are about individuals and relationships, or a simulation of an ecosystem. The game designer creates the simulation for the player interactions of the game. Puzzle games contain hours of strategy and problem solving challenges. The game developer combines high-quality presentation with well-thought out game mechanics and interaction.

There are mainly two genres: action games and games of strategy. Then there are role-playing games, sports, driving, racing and flight simulation, construction, management, simulation games, adventure games, artificial life games and puzzles. New generation software tools help the game programmer design and develop excellent gaming solutions.

Role-playing game Final Fantasy XIII-2 is coming. It is a sequel to the role playing game Final Fantasy XIII (2009). The protagonist Lightning has disappeared into an unknown world. Her younger sister Serah Farron, and a boy Noel Kreiss try to find Lightning. This is an example of highly rated achievements of game programmers in recent times.

A good game takes the player away to a magical place, and they want it to stay magical while theyre there.

It is the game developers magic.
Its suspension of disbelief as long as one is playing the game.

First person 3D shooting games: Doom, Quake
This is a type of game where the point of view is of the main character. It is a game with 3D artwork, especially a first-person scrolling action game. These games are written by expert game programmers.

Side Scrollers: SonicTheHedgehog, SuperMarioBrothers, CommanderKeen, JazzJackrabbit
These games use the technique of moving the screen smoothly in any direction.

Adventure Games: MonkeyIsland, Myst
Game developers create powerful and high speed adventure games.

Strategy Games
These games test the players determination, imagination, daring, lateral thinking, personal courage, analytic intelligence, leadership qualities and confidence.

Parlor Games
Card games, board games, word games, cribbage and Chinese checkers belong to this category.

These include Jigsaw puzzles, crossword and many other such games of skill and knowledge.

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