Thursday, May 3, 2012

Joomla! Conquers New Horizons

It is time you jumped to one of the most user-friendly and rapidly evolving content management system which makes tasks exponentially simpler. The new version of Joomla! which has been released with further new revamps which has become even more user friendly and it has been paced out into the future like a bullet out of a barrel. Out of the infinite advantages of using Joomla! certainly some could be pointed out. The foremost factor which has made thousands of web developers to prefer Joomla! is its platform and environment versatility. Moreover it also enables a multi-user environment which helps the joomla developer to split a single project into multiple modules and each team can handle a single module. This approach rapidly fastens the pace of the project development phase, now there is at least another pair of eyes to share the round the clock agony. 
No More Update Hassles 
Joomla! has updated its update manager which is a component as vigorous as it was promised to be. Developers all around the globe have started accessing it and the reviews have been exceeding expectations till date. This component can be accessed from administrator end and unlike the last update manager this opens in a new Joomla! Update Component instead of just a new tab. Glitches caused due to hosts which do not allow directly writing to files during installation files can be done by writing to files using FTP. This move has been much appreciated by joomla developers even though it is a tad slower than directly writing to files. The process of updating has been made very flexible and according to the requirements of the user options can be chosen. If you are a very observant user then custom settings according to your need can be validated. 
Joomla! Joins Hands with Google
We all already know how big a cap Joomla! is wearing to accommodate all the feathers in it and yet Joomla! has another feather in its cap. Joomla! has become a part of the Google Summer of Code which is a worldwide opportunity for students and freelancers to write code for various Open Source projects. By being a part of GSoC, Joomla! intends to develop various projects for the benefit of all mankind. Joomla! intends to mentor and develop fresh developers through this project as this project is tied up with Google the inspiration it provides knows no bound. This opportunity for young joomla developers and joomla programmers  will help them work in a pitch which is related to them to the marrow than to work without the hard disk in your head. 
Internationalizing Trends
Joomla! has always been rebellious for the greater good and one barrier it has been fighting against relentlessly has been the language barrier. With its latest release of the program it has nuked the barrier like a hero. Out of a score of new features Joomla! is too proud about one of them and that is the addition of the multilingual function. By hammering this obstacle Joomla! now believes that the internationalization of websites, developers, users etc has become many times simpler. To promote this and make people aware of such an indispensible option, Joomla! conducted a webinar which was a huge success. 
One Touch Mobile Finesse
With all these day-to-day innovations still Joomla! has not quenched its thirst for development and honestly we all know that it never will too. The next horizon it is working like a bee to conquer is the mobile platform. To augment the increasing use of internet via mobile devices and to enhance the effectiveness of such a powerful platform Joomla! team has been revamping both the admin and the user areas. 
Using the Twitter Bootstrap, which is a very simple yet elaborate front-end toolkit used for designing websites and applications, Joomla? Plans on making one of the most effortless and elegant applications for designing.
The above image shows the first look of Joomla! for Mobile and it is just a teaser snapshot of the product which is going to be released this September.
Aiming to create a mobile-ready experience the Joomla! Team has implemented many techniques such as JUX (Joomla! User Experience) so that potential users of the application can come forward and voice their opinions on the working of the application which still is not even in the BETA stage.
Though there have been numerous updates recently in Joomla! the number never seems to come down which shows signs of extreme escalation.

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