Thursday, May 17, 2012

Flex Developers Rejoice in the Hands of New Apache Flex

DCKAP, capitalizing on the remarkable updates made by Flex, announced today the services which it will provide and about the elevations on the services it is going to offer. DCKAP and its Flex developers are excited that the new developments provided by Apache Flex, formerly known as Adobe Flex, have made Software Development Kit more accommodating and prompt.

Flex has been a very consistent and adaptable open source framework so now that it has gone into the hands of Flex programmers in the Apache Software Foundation it is expected to be more versatile and elegant, as instead of a single team there are going to be teams of Flex developers from both Apache Software Foundation and Adobe working on it. Programmers in Apache Software Foundation who had a glimpse around the already existing structure say that Flex is going to be developed in such a way that its cross-platform deploying abilities are going to spread out avidly.

The major concern in Flex Programmer’s heads is the speculation of factions migrating towards HTML5 from Flex, to flag such conjectures the Adobe team of Flex Developers pointed out some major advantages that Flex holds over HTML5. Factors such as feature-level consistency across multiple platforms, browsers, and devices; Flex programmers find it very simple to build complex user interfaces using the Flex component set and programming model; For developing large applications ActionScript 3 is an ideal object-oriented programming language; Supporting tools offer a productive development environment with respect to code editing, debugging, profiling, and testing.

As Flex too has been set in hands of expert Flex developers in Apache Software Foundation, DCKAP and its team of Flex developers are looking forward to developing innovative and competent applications.

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