Friday, November 18, 2011

Joomla Facebook Connect: Now as You Like It Open Graph Tags

Very recently, Alex Andreae has written about a flexible system from Facebook, to use any verb you want in place of like. Read on.

Last year, Facebook introduced the Like button and Open Graph tags. Those features, well supported in Joomla, are a way for a user to "Like" an object, say a certain web page.

Today, the Facebook Like button has become wildly popular and has contributed in no small measure to the growth of traffic for business web applications.

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the Like button on the web pages. JFBConnect is a popular Joomla Facebook integration extension.

The Open Graph tags are what let you describe that object easily, so that when the Like is added to the user's timeline, it has the proper context with the page's title, description and image.

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After more than a year and billions of Like clicks, Facebook realized that people needed to be able to 'do' more and that "Like" was a little generic. That 'more' is coming in a flexible system from Facebook to use any verb you want on your site.

For instance, in your Facebook application, you'll be able to define verbs like "Loves", "Read", "Attended", "Made", and whatever else would work on your site. Combined with some additional Open Graph love, you'll be able to define your pages

with a lot more flexibility: one page can be a "Recipe", another an "Event" and another still a "Joomla Extension", if you like.

Putting them together, when users interact on your site, you'll be able perform any combination of verbs and objects:

"Alex attended a Super Event"
"Melissa made Sourdough Cookies!"

Each of these events will push a notification to the users timeline, with links back to your Joomla site. Others can use those links from Facebook to learn more about why (and how) Alex and Melissa were all interacting with your site! That is

great for visibility, promotion and engaging with your users, as well as growing your site in organic ways.

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The Facebook Like Button in Joomla

The Like button lets users share pages from your site back to their Facebook profile with one click. You can configure it as a Joomla module to pull in the Facebook Like button, use a content plugin to automatically add the Like to all articles, or

our easy-tag system for even more flexibility. Additionally, using the Facebook Open Graph tags, you can set what the title, description, image and other details that will post to the user's wall.

Facebook Open Graph in Joomla

The Facebook Open Graph tags are a way to describe your page to Facebook. When utilized, you can easily control the title, description, image, and other information that is shown in a user's wall when a page is Liked, Shared, or Commented

on. This helps to ensure that the message and brand for your pages is always how you want it to be.

The Open Graph support in JFBConnect is extensive and powerful, yet flexible and extremely easy to implement.

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