Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Flash Actionscript Business Web Applications

Among the platforms well suited to develop enterprise Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) adding the much appreciated graphical excellence to corporate and business web applications. Flex elevates web applications to the next level, as a potent marketing tool from a mere online presence of a business.

Flex is a powerful application development solution within the enterprise that helps in creating and delivering cross platform RIAs across the web. It is a client-side technology that requires integration with a server-side technology such as ASP.Net, PHP or Java.

Highly skilled and experienced Flex and Flash developers with expertise over the platform and can deliver customized solutions to suit all business applications and needs.

Rich Internet Applications make web applications visually pleasing and interactive for the visitor and immensely help in converting casual visitors into valuable customers.

Flash ActionScript & Flex Business Web Applications

Adobe Flex has played a major and significant part in shaping online business today. The increasingly powerful and feature-packed Flex versions have empowered the Flex developer to create outstanding Rich Internet Applications.

The dynamics of the modern online business encourages greater interactivity between the users and the web application. This interaction facilitates automating online business, through greater interactivity with the end user, ensuring that better business volumes are generated in less time, increasing overall business productivity and returns on investment many times over.

The open source nature of Flex, combined with the power of its continuous evolution since its birth in 2004 have helped Flex to deliver cheap, interactive, customized, scalable, robust web applications for online businesses.

The true power of Flex lies in ActionScript, in-depth knowledge of which is an essential requirement for developers for adding interactivity to the applications. The developers also bring the knowhow to build component libraries in Adobe Flex, which is an important requirement for ecommerce solutions and multi-media web applications.

Flex & Flash ActionScript Business Web Applications

With the video, audio, streaming and messaging components of Flex and Flash programmers can integrate efficient in-context interactivity into the web application. This enhances brand value of a business and increases revenue from online sale of products and services. Flex developers are skilled in several related tools and technologies available for RIA development. They can create elements such as photo galleries, transitions without page reload, reports and interactive graphs among others.

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