Monday, April 25, 2011

New Features for Version 1.7

Now that version 1.6.3 is released, the development focus for Joomla can shift gears and we can focus on new features for version 1.7. This is a very exciting time for the project, and the Production Leadership Team (PLT) thought it would be helpful to outline our ideas about the process for adding new features.

First a couple of caveats. As you may know, we have just switched to a time-based release cycle. So version 1.7 will be our first version that is released at a specific point in time – July 10, 2011 – instead of when a given set of features is complete. So we know when version 1.7 will release, but we don't know what new features it will contain. Because this is our first cycle of this type, we will be figuring some stuff out as we go along. We have the general outline of the process, as will be explained here, but there will no doubt be things that we need to adjust or change.

A second wrinkle is that, on or about 30 April 2011, we will split off the Joomla Platform (the libraries folder more or less) as a separate project. This will change the way in which we fix bugs and add features that affect the platform. Again, this is all new, so again we will be learning as we go along.

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