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Adobe AIR News Roundup: 10/12/2010

With the recent release of Adobe AIR for Android and upcoming preparations for our Adobe MAX conference, there is significant amount of AIR-related news to monitor including new tutorials, featured applications and development libraries. Although our team is active on Twitter and Facebook, we plan on posting news roundups on the Adobe AIR team blog in coming weeks to help the community learn about the latest news.
News Roundup: 10/12/2010
  • The Adobe ActionScript 3 SDK for the Facebook Platform provides an ideal solution for building rich, social experiences on the web. Recently this library was updated to include new capabilities and bug fixes. Using this open source library, developers can quickly build Flash and AIR apps across devices and screens. Alan Greenblatt, a Flex partner solution architect at Adobe, recorded a video tutorial demonstrating how to take advantage of this library.
  • Adobe evangelist Lee Brimelow recorded a video demonstration that shows how to build and publish an application to the Android market in under seven minutes.
  • Ryan Stewart recorded a session on Adobe TV titled "Debug Adobe AIR for Android Applications." For developers looking to understand the basic developer workflow for troubleshooting issues in their apps using Flash Builder, Ryan’s recording provides a valuable overview.
  • AppBrain is currently maintaining a list of AIR applications available on the Android market.
  • Rich Tretola built an application that demonstrates "accelerometer, camera, geolocation, multitouch, stage orientation, and keyboard events.
  • The Land of Me is a collection of playful learning activities that adults and children can enjoy together. The application, developed by a very talented team at Made in Me, allows adventurers aged 2 years old and above to explore a colorful, enchanting world with heartwarming characters. The first chapter is available free and additional chapters are available for purchase. The application recently caught the eye of the BBC News Channel. Congratulations to the team at Made in Me for building such an inspiring application! 
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