Thursday, January 27, 2011

Joomla!Day Chile 2011 Recap

From the highest point in the tallest building in Santiago, Chile, Joomla!Day Chile provided South America's Spanish-speaking community the first Joomla!Day of it's kind on January 18, 2011.  With sweeping views of Santiago and the great Andes mountains, Joomla users, developers, and designers from across Chile participated in one of the largest Joomla!Days I've ever attended.  Guest speakers arrived from across the country, the United Kingdom, Spain, and the US to share in this special occassion.

Nearly 500 attendees packed the auditorium at Telefonica Chile in downtown Santiago during a beautiful summer's day.  While the main auditorium hosted the morning's events, the afternoon's sessions took place at the top of the skyscraper, with gorgeous views of Santiago while soaking in the Joomla love.

Best yet, this was the first Joomla!Day ever to showcase the distribution of diplomas to the students of Universidad de Chile, whom successfully completed 160 hours of coursework to receive their certificates.  It would be great to see other universities around the world follow in the footsteps of the Universidad de Chile, and I hope that future Joomla!Days can highlight the success of students around the world studying our community's software.

After the event, I had a chance to spend time with two of my Joomla friends, Javier Gomez from the OSM Board of Directors and Brian Teeman.  On the day after the event, we met with the good folks at TVN, one of Chile's most popular television networks, where we learned how they're using Joomla inside their network.  Additionally, we had a chance to stop by the Microsoft Chile office to chat about ways our teams can work together to help university students in Chile learn to use Joomla as a development platform.


We had quite a variety of presentations at this event, covering everything from building businesses with Joomla to trainings on using Joomla for beginners.  Here's a sampling of what was presented.
  • Open Source Business Models - Ryan Ozimek
  • Joomla! 1.6 and the future - Brian Teeman
  • Joomla, a collective project - Javier Gomez
  • Creating a Joomla template - Frank Denis
  • 10 ways to increase your Joomla site's security - Hugo Baronti
  • Introducing Community - Guillermo Bravo
  • Using Joomla in corporate intranets, a case study from Telefonica Chile - Christian Morales and Alejandro Morgado
  • Management of web development through wireframes - Christopher Pino and Gonzalo Suez
  • Creating a Joomla Web site in minutes - Brian Teeman
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