Monday, January 10, 2011


This module shows a list of (ordered/related/upcoming) articles with title, id,introtext, image (thumb), author, category, hits, rating, comments, facebook and twitter share buttons... It can be used with standard Joomla's content, but some options will only be available with FLEXIcontent.

The module automatically detects if FLEXIcontent has been installed on the site and shows you different parameters accordingly, so you can use it on "normal" Joomla sites too without any problem.

Do you use K2? Get the version compatible with K2 here:

* Show article's title, introtext, hits, rating (total or average), image (thumbnail), date, author(name or username), category, comments, id
* {youtube} and {gallery} plugins are supported, and the module can automatically grab the video's thumb or the first image in the gallery to display next to the article
* Limit to Category(/ies), Section(s), Author(s), FLEXIcontent TAGs, Frontpage
* It can be used as a "Related Articles" module, without losing any of its capabilities. (You can combine the options, so you can order the articles related to the one shown, limit them by category, section... or even show articles written in the last X days only!)
* Possibility of toggling and styling (CSS) every part of the module for a custom output
* Ready to go, as the default options already give you a nice look that can be used on any site
* Possibility of adding a custom link at the bottom of the module
* Different ordering methods: Creation Date, Last Modified, Hits, Rating, Alphabetically, Reverse Alphabetically, Custom Order, Random, Most Commented and "Upcoming Events", that displays articles based on the date (or the FLEXIcontent date field) they will be unpublished. Mostof the methods can be reverted
* Possibility of limiting the output to the last X days, or to skip the first X articles (to avoid article repetitions on the page or to pile more than one module with different display options)
* Multi-Language backend (Italian, English and French supported at the moment - send me a translation if you want!). The frontend can be changed from the module's backend
* JoomFish support (only if FLEXIcontent is installed). Language files supported on frontend.
* Possibility of shortening the title or the introtext if it's too long.
More... just check out my site for the full list and to get support!

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