Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Latest Adobe Flex 3 SDK Release Notes

This document contains release notes and installation instructions for Adobe® Flex® 3 SDK. It is updated to reflect version 3.5.

About Flex 3 SDK

Flex 3 SDK includes the Flex framework (also known as the Flex class library), Flex command-line compilers, the Flex debugger, the ASDoc utility, and the debugger version of Flash Player. Use the Flex SDK to develop, compile, and deploy Flex applications that connect to XML and SOAP web services or connect to various server technologies such as PHP, ColdFusion, Java, and .NET using a server technology such as BlazeDS

What's new

This section lists some of the major new features and changes for Flex 3 SDK. See the Flex Developer Center for more information on new features.

Sandboxed and multi-version applications (new as of Flex 3.2) – Flex 3.2 added the ability for an application developer to divide functionality between multiple sub-applications and allow them to interoperate. Applications can be developed using different versions of Flex, and can optionally operate in an untrusted environment which allows applications to safely load code provided by third parties. Refer to the section below as well as the documentation for more details.

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